We can offer assistance and support in creating your perfect smart home

The new age of smart home technology is upon us

It’s a competitive marketplace and development within the smart home industry is happening fast. I can help cut through the hype and find practical ways that smart home technology can fit in to your life.

I’ll take time to understand you and the way you live your life and help integrate devices to make everything that little bit easier.


Advice on all leading brands


What is a smart home?

In its simplest form a smart home allows you to control anything such as your security, heating, lighting & home entertainment from your mobile devices or from voice activation.

For example you can have your lights and heating turn on before arriving home, or turn off when nobody is home, get an alert that someone is walking to your door before the door bell is pushed, even blink lights when you get social network notifications…  really anything is possible.


Entertain me

Home entertainment is getting the smart home treatment too, with integrated TV and music streaming, multi-room smart speakers and voice activated controls .  We offer support for all major platforms, and advise on the best way to setup and design your smart home.

This technology is advancing all the time, so its worth calling us for a chat to see what is currently possible for your home.