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Until recently Macs had a very good reputation for being the most secure of all systems. Owing to the fact that Apple control all the individual parts of the hardware and its market share of worldwide PC’s was relatively low. Apple also generate regular OS security updates to patch any arising issues on their operating Systems.

However in recent years the level of security this offered and the protection it gives end users has diminished. According to cybersecurity software company Malwarebytes’ latest State of Malware report, it’s time to think again. The amount of malware on Macs is outpacing PCs for the first time ever, and your complacency could be your worst enemy.

What can you do?

Protect Yourself

Protect Yourself

The best line of defence is yourself! If you are aware when surfing the web, clicking on links that arrive in your email, being careful with passwords and generally being vigilant in your digital life you can mitigate many potential problems yourself. You are the first line of defence from cybercriminals.

Call Us

Call Us

If you have any doubts about anything when you are using your computer or you think your security may have been compromised, STOP and call us immediately before it’s too late. We are dealing with security problems every day and will quickly recognise any potential problems and know how to put them right.


What can you do to protect yourself?

There is so much you can do to keep yourself safe on your computer and in your digital life.

Read below for some of the key areas that will keep you safe online


Ring-fence your passwords. If you use the same passwords across multiple websites and organisations, if any one of those sites are compromised you have given them the keys to the kingdom!

Take extra care to create a unique and complicated password to log in to your email as this is the portal through which much of your information travels. Keep track using Apple’s own iCloud Keychain or apps like 1Password.


Your WIFI life at home is usually protected at home as your WIFI has a unique password. This means that people passing your home and trying to gain access to your network is difficult.

You should never change you WIFI password to something simple and especially not one you use elsewhere. When out-and-about on public WIFI, you should seriously consider what information you allow to pass through that network.


My general advice for OS updates is not to jump into the latest update from Apple too soon as this can cause all sorts of problems with your system as a whole.

However, you should always accept any security updates that Apple offer you as these are designed to keep you and your computer safe. Apple tend to offer these for their current and previous 2 or 3 incarnations of their OS.