Upgrade Your Apple Mac

Why spend out on a new machine when there are so many ways to improve your current computer with an Apple Mac Upgrade. Upgrades can come in all shapes and sizes to fit your budget.

Expanding your Ram, increasing your drive speed or upgrading to a super fast SSD will all improve the performance of your machine. Even earlier Macbook Pro’s and iMac’s will show considerable performance increases. You can bring a new lease of life to your trusty laptop or desktop.



One of the best things you can do for your machine if you haven't done it yet is invest in a Solid State Drive (SSD) as an North Dorset Mac Man Apple Mac upgrade.

Best Performance

If you’re still using a mechanical hard drive, it’s time to upgrade to an SSD (Solid State Drive). An SSD is the single biggest apple mac upgrade you can give your computer.
Normal Hdd Performance 38%
Normal Hdd Speed 36%
SSD Performance 98%
SSD Speed 95%

Instant Access

Launching a program, opening a file, and saving something to disk will all happen much, much faster. Click a program, and it can load almost instantly.

Faster, Longer, Better

Solid-state drives are much faster and last longer because they don’t have a spinning disk to wear down over time. Upgrade and you’ll be amazed at the performance improvements.
Boot Speed 100%
Application Loading 100%
Write Speed 100%
Read Speed 100%
Overall Performance 100%
Apple Mac Upgrade

There is just no comparison, your computer will be much faster to boot.

How much of an improvement depends on your operating system, hardware, and what software is loading at boot — but you can make it down to 10-20 seconds, even on an older early 2009 machine. Your Mac OS X desktop will load much more quickly after you log in too. Even if you have a lot of nasty bloatware running at boot, your desktop will become usable much more quickly.

Everything happens as quickly as you could possibly want. That time spent waiting that you don’t notice because it’s just the usual routine, all add up. Even something as simple as browsing the web will be faster. Page load times quicker because your browser’s cache files are on your SSD and will load almost instantly.




With automatic upgrades taking over you can soon find yourself with a machine that was never designed to run the latest Mac OS. A simple, inexpensive memory upgrade can see you exeed minimum system requirements and is a very effective Apple Mac Upgrade

While most Macs now ship with between 4GB and 16GB of RAM, some older Apple Mac machines were fitted with less as standard. Plus the lower end of this range may not be enough for your uses. If your system is without sufficient RAM, you will experience slowness when launching programs, loading documents, and all sorts of other system uses.

Dorset Mac Man Ram upgrade
If you look in the Memory section of the Activity Monitor utility you can see if your system is low on RAM. In OS X Mountain Lion and earlier there was a small pie chart which showed the amount of free RAM against that reserved for critical system processes. You might want to consider upgrading your RAM if the green area in the chart is often below about a quater of the chart’s area.

In OS X Mavericks Activity Monitor the Memory section in shows a Pressure chart instead. If you’re in the green your doing ok and it is indicating that your usage does not exceed the system’s memory capability. If this chart’s numbers are regularly high, you may need to upgrade your RAM.