Home & Business Apple Mac support across Dorset

North Dorset Mac Man is a Dorset wide personal Apple Mac support and repair service, providing assistance in your home & business.

I provide technical computer support, repairs, training, trouble-shooting and emergency assistance for your Apple Mac computer and all Apple mac products incl. Macbook Pro, iMac, Mac Pro, iPad, iPhone, and Apple Tv.

You can get all the help you need with our exceptional computer repair, support and assistance available in your home or business across Dorset. With competitive rates and a friendly, professional service we’re hard to beat.

Home & business Apple Mac support across Dorset


“As a solicitor working from home I needed to find someone reliable for those inevitable emergencies. David was friendly, professional and knowledgeable, I’m pleased to have found someone I can call on ”
– Danielle Cheal (MA, LL.B), New Forest

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“David was a great choice: quick, efficient, knowledgeable, and a great communicator. Highly recommended.”- Nanna Sandon, Ringwood

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At Home

I can help with tasks such as untangling your families multiple Apple devices, shared iCloud accounts and iPhone messages. Plus we can help you setup the kids iPad’s so they’re safe from unwanted content.

We are familiar with all the software you know and love and can keep you abreast of updates and additions to all the Apple software products. I’m here to support you and your family and your Apple mac devices.

Is your family Photo collection getting unwieldy, leaving your computer moving at a snails pace and making even mundane tasks take forever? I’m happy to support you and help find order and streamline your machine to get it back on track and running smoothly.

“David was absolutely brilliant to work with. He is very patient and so easy to communicate with. Am so pleased with the final results. Thank you David”
– Sonia Chalming, Dorchester

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“Courteous, Professional and took the time to explain everything he was doing clearly. He even taught me some “mac tricks”, so that I wouldn’t have to call him out so quickly next time.” – Martin Chaffer, Milton Abbas

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At Work

If you business depends on IT you need someone you can rely on to support you and get you back on track if things go wrong. I’m committed to the success of all my business clients and want to see you succeed. If your business does well and your happy with the support service I provide, we’re both going places!

I have a wealth of experience and know how devastating computer downtime can be to your business. I’m here when you need me, 7 days a week.

I also provide valuable tools to help your business grow including;

  • Website Design Service
  • Social Networking Advice and Strategies
  • SEO and Analytics Assistance
  • Graphics & Logo Design

“Tip-top personal service, David always goes the extra mile to make sure we’re ok”
– Geoff Mullins, Wimborne

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“David was professional, good to deal with and his work exceeded my expectations. His support and communication is excellent and his service prompt and reliable. I felt I could trust him to assist me with all my computer support needs ” – Angelina South, Bournemouth

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